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Terms & conditions
  • Contracting parties

    • The A24 Media N.V. is a company registered under the law of Curaçao and the number #131947 and located at Dr. M. J. Hugenholtzweg Z/N UTS Gebouw, Curaçao.

    • The A24 Media N.V. (hereinafter referred to as „A24“) has a licence for Internet eGaming services, issued by Curaçao eGaming under the licence number #1668/JAZ.

    • Arland Trading GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "ARLAND") is a company registered under the number 290511y with headquarters at Elisabethinergasse 22, 8020 - Graz (Austria). ARLAND has a license issued by Austrian authoriries to perform the mediation of the placement of bets persuant to § 5 Para. 2 GewO (Trade Regulation Act) 1994

    • A24 offers sports betting and gambling (hereinafter referred to as „services“) for private users through its available channels like the website, but not limited to this.

    • ARLAND mediates the placement of bets for A24 and perform the handling of payments.

    • Users of A24 are exclusively private end customers that want to engage in A24’s services.

    • In the present Terms and Conditions and Betting Terms the words „you“, „your“ and analogous refer to the user.

    • The use of A24’s services is only allowed for your own personal and non-commercial purposes.

    • Any use trough a company or other organized group is absolutely excluded and results in an immediate cancellation of the user’s account.

  • General rules

    • A24 operates several services, also trough third suppliers, and offers them to you within the scope of the valid Terms and Condition and Betting Terms for a pure private use.

    • A24 strives to ensure a fair and correct processing and expects you to do likewise.

    • Please read the present Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as „T&C“) thoroughly and carefully and print before accepting them.

    • Please keep the corresponding valid T&C, all registration and confirmation e-mails as well as the Betting Terms thoroughly filed.

    • By accepting and adopting the T&C and Betting Terms in the registration form, you confirm that you agree to all of these terms and conditions and oblige to comply to all conditions in full.

    • Only partial acceptance of the conditions is excluded.

    • A24 reserves the right to modify these T&C and Betting Terms, implement new conditions and rules for the use of A24’s services and to replace old rules at any time.

    • New conditions automatically replace existing rules. You agree, if not actively objecting them by sending an e-mail to [email protected] within seven days from the release of the new terms.

    • If you do not accept any change in the T&C and Betting Terms, you are not allowed to keep using any of A24’s services and/or offers and are obliged to close your account.

    • You are required to check and inform yourself regularly for new updates of the T&C and Betting Terms that are published at under the headings "Terms and Conditions" and/or "Betting terms" or may be requested by e-mail to [email protected].

    • When you use A24’s services, the valid T&C at the time of the usage apply automatically, meaning that you have agreed and accepted them.

    • The version of the T&C and Betting Terms in German language will be considered in the event of a dispute, no matter in which language they are translated.

    • Should any preceding or subsequent rules, for any reason whatsoever, become wholly or partially invalid, these rules are replaced by rules which are correspondingly closest in terms of content.

  • Terms of Use and Disclaimer / Exclusion of liability

    • Any use of A24's services is only allowed if the Terms and Conditions and the Betting Terms are accepted.

    • If you do not agree with these terms, you are not allowed to use A24’s services.

    • All available conditions apply without exception to all of A24’s products and services, regardless of whether they are available to customers via Internet, telephone or other distribution channels.

    • Using A24’s services may be illegal in some countries.

    • The services offered by A24 don’t constitute an invitation to commit a breach of the law in these countries.

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that using A24’s services is legal in your country and you have the obligation to inform yourself about that.

    • By using A24’s services, you ensure A24 that using its services is not illegal at your place of residence and you have verified the legal situation.

    • A24 disclaims any responsibility for legal consequences and damages from non-lawful use of the services.

    • Persons whose normal residence is in the U.S. or Austria are entirely excluded from the use of A24’s services.

    • A24 reserves the right to expand these rules for further countries. In this case, affected customer accounts will be paid out and closed.

    • A24 has the right, without giving any reason, to deny the use of A24’s services completely or partially, to limit bet stakes and bet returns and to exclude you at any time, regardless of having an active account, as well as to pay out and close your account.

    • A24 has also the right, without giving any reason, to cease to provide the service completely or partially. You don’t have any legal claim to the use of A24’s services.

    • A24’s employees, their family members and persons living in the same household, as well as A24’s suppliers must not make use of A24’s services at any time. In case this rule is violated, A24 is entitled to immediately block the account and to retain or recover possible past returns.

    • In case of fraud attempt A24 will block and close your account with immediate effect. In case of a criminal offence A24 has the right to prosecute you under criminal and civil laws.

    • Any form of transfer of claims against A24 is entirely excluded.

    • A24 assumes no responsibility (including violation of due diligence) for any loss of revenues, loss of business, loss of income, loss of data, loss of business opportunity, damage to reputation and other direct or indirect damage or consequential damage regardless of the cause of the damage.

    • Any kind of liability from A24 is limited to an amount of EUR 5.000.

  • Money laundering guidelines and disclosure requirements

    • Generally the disclosure of identification is a requirement. An anonymous use of A24’s services is excluded.

    • At any time, A24 has the right, without giving any reason, to ask you for a proof of identification and/or a proof of residence and bank details as well as to store a copy of all these documents.

    • If the mandatory identification requirement is not obeyed, A24 has the right to lock the account if necessary and only perform a payout after your identity is satisfactorily clarified for A24.

    • Should it not be possible to confirm the identity within 90 days of having given notice trough your last updated e-mail address, A24 has the right to retain any account balance and to report your account to the authorities if necessary.

    • This is also in line with international standards against money laundering which are fully incorporated into consideration by A24.

  • Data transmission and data errors

    • A24 assumes no liability for any transmission errors of A24’s services.

    • To offer its services A24 uses third-party services, which are also excluded of any liability against A24.

    • Therefore you have no right to any compensation claims for data that aren’t up-to-date, incorrect, manipulated or for improper data transmission over the Internet or any other errors in transmission of data and results.

    • This especially applies to apparent errors in fixed odds and/or the incorrect evaluation of betting events, such as wrong fixtures, interchanged odds, wrong handicap defaults and, but not limited to, improper defaults of goals etc. -> see Betting Terms.

  • Data protection and storage

    • Your data will be stored electronically - you give irrevocably permission for electronic storage of your data.

    • For legal reasons, even after closing an account, a complete deletion of the data does not take place over a period of time defined by A24. A24 has the right to delete your data at a later time.

    • Your data can be disclosed for legal reasons, but also if the disclosure appears to be necessary for public interest.

    • You are personally responsible for the safekeeping of your access data, mostly, but not exclusively, in form of username and password or PIN.

    • Keep this data always safe and do not make this data available to any third party. A24 assumes no liability for unauthorized use of the data and consequent damage that you may suffer.

    • You explicitly agree, to indemnify and hold harmless A24 from any and all claims caused by unauthorized use of your data.

    • Always use a secure password of at least 8 characters and avoid easy to guess terms like dates of birth, county, city, etc.

    • A24 uses various tools to protocol and evaluate accesses to A24’s services. This can be internal as well as external tools, like Google Analytics. You explicitly agree to the storage, analysis and use of this data analysis, independent from the country in which this data is stored.

    • A24 has the right, with the help of so-called "cookies", to store information on your computer and to query this information for evaluation purposes.

    • You are not authorized to collect, store or use / pass on data or other content of A24’s services by using the aid of any technology like “robots” or other technical means like video or audio recordings.

    • A24 is not liable for errors in the software and technology used by A24, regardless if these are of own development or third party products.

    • Possible links on the websites of A24 are for information purposes only. The contents of these links are beyond the control of A24 and are copyright of the respective providers.

    • A24 has the right to record the IP address during each access. If multiple accounts are used from one IP address, A24 is entitled to block and if need be close these accounts until the identities are verified.

  • Copyright and Intellectual Property

    • All content, videos, texts and images as well as technological methods of A24’s services are copyrighted without exception. All intellectual property rights of A24’s services are reserved to A24 or its suppliers.

    • At no time you have the right to make copies - whether in writing or speaking - of A24’s services in any form nor to distribute or use them without the written permission of A24.

  • General regulations for the account - Account Opening

    • An account at A24 denotes a personal, private and personalized as well as a non-transferable virtual user account.

    • The account is protected by a username/password - transmitted data are encrypted via SSL.

    • Through this account, you can use the services offered to you by A24 within the framework of the T&C and Betting Terms.

    • Any use other than for private purposes is prohibited.

    • By opening an account you declare to agree in full to the T&C and Betting Terms of A24.

    • You declare that you are of legal age and legal capacity in accordance with the laws of your country and, in any case, are at last 18 years old.

    • You further declare that the deposited funds in your account do not derive from criminal activities and that you can explain their origin at any time.

    • You obligate yourself that any information entered during the registration is provided truthfully and in all conscience.

    • If any recorded data should change (e.g. home address), you are required to update the information immediately before further using the account.

    • The account’s currency is fundamentally EURO;A24 reserves the right to offer additional currencies.

    • A selected currency can’t be modified after the registration.

    • All transactions that you perform are recorded in your account. This applies to all financial transactions as well as to all betting and gaming stakes and resulting returns.

    • Due to technical reasons A24 reserves the right to display past records for only a determined period of time, usually the transactions of the last twelve months.

    • A transfer from one betting account to another betting account of another customer is not possible and is excluded.

    • The use of A24’s services without sufficient funds in your account is excluded.

    • You may only have one single account at A24.

    • If A24 detects that you have more than one account, A24 is entitled to block the accounts immediately, to cancel any possible winnings and to reclaim booked bonuses.

    • After opening an account, you receive an authorization e-mail. You must confirm this. If this confirmation is not made ​​within 72 hours, your account will be automatically locked.

    • A24 has the right to submit an account authorization by letter (post) to confirm your data and identity. Furthermore A24 can resort to country specific procedures (e.g. confirmation of identity at the post office) or submission of personalized bills, e.g. the electricity bill, telephone bill or the like.

    • Furthermore, A24 has the right to request your personal data to player registers and creditworthiness agencies in any form.

    • All bets and transactions made from your account are considered valid, regardless of whether they have been approved by you or not.

    • A24 is not responsible in the event of misuse of your account by third parties.

    • It is your own responsibility to treat your user data with care. In case of misuse of your user data or your account, please contact A24 by e-mail to [email protected].

    • If your account has a negative balance due to a cancelled transaction, you are required to compensate for this within 14 days.

    • You are not entitled to any kind of compensation for your account balance, such as interest or dividends.

    • You are responsible for calculating any possible taxes resulting from stakes or returns in accordance with your country’s tax regulation and you will indemnify and hold A24 harmless from and against any claims.

  • Deposit into account

    • In order to use A24’s services, you must open an account and transfer money to your account. All associated transaction costs are at your expense, including chargebacks, foreign fees and other related costs.

    • All credit that you have deposited will be managed by A24. A24’s services are only available if you have sufficient funds.

    • All customer accounts are processed exclusively in EUR - any deposits in foreign currencies are converted into EUR are at your expense according to the payment method.

    • Payments are made via external payment providers - A24 can’t assume any liability for errors in these transactions from other companies.

    • For a simplified presentation, you can select a second currency to be displayed on – the exchange rate will be updated without commitment on a daily basis. This second currency is for informational purposes only. All of A24’s services are booked exclusively in EUR.

    • A24 reserves the right to introduce other currencies in the system at a later time.

    • Bookings from a customer's account to another customer account are excluded.

    • Deposits can be made ​​with various electronic payment methods or by bank transfer to our bank account. Due to bank regulations, the availability of payment methods is different in each country.

    • Transaction fees resulting from deposit will always be at your expense. A24 is not a financial institution and pays no interest on deposits.

    • Due to international regulations against money laundering you confirm by every deposit that the deposited money is not from an illegal source and you have a full unrestricted right to the disposal of the amount.

    • When using a credit and/or debit card the name of the account holder and the name on the credit card must be identical.

    • If this is not the case, your account will be immediately suspended and our support will ask you by e-mail to provide additional proof of identity.

  • Withdrawal from account

    • A payment from the customer’s account must be requested exclusively through the service of A24. You will find the withdrawal section in the customer account area.

    • Every withdrawal is manually checked by an employee of A24 within three work days. An automatic pay-out is not possible.

    • Due to money laundering prevention, all amounts deposited for A24’s services (betting and gaming stakes) must be turned by A24. Only returns from these stakes will be paid out.

    • All bonus conditions must be met before pay-out.

    • The customer can choose withdraw the total or a partial amount resulting from profits from his customer account. The prerequisite is that all stakes were fully deposited.

    • In the case of credit card deposit transactions for example, the pay-out is performed after the charge back period of the credit card company and after the deposited funds are received by A24. This regulation prevents fraud with stolen credit card data.

    • Generally the used pay-out method is the same as the deposit method. If for any reason this is not possible, pay-outs are made on the authenticated customer's bank account.

    • Due to money laundry prevention and liability, A24 has the right to verify your identity and the identity of the bank account before pay-out. This verification can be done in any form as requested by A24. Your full cooperation is mandatory.

    • Any complaints regarding pay-outs must be asserted within 30 days.

    • You can request one pay-out each calendar week but with a maximum of two withdrawals per month. If you want more withdrawals, an additional handling fee of EUR 5 per additional pay-out will be charged.

  • Account lock and account closure

    • If the account is used in an inappropriate way according to the T&C and the Betting Rules or if prompted by an authority, A24 has the right to lock and/or close the account indefinitely. This also applies in case of a mere suspicion of improper use by the customer.

    • In case of an account lock, all betting and gaming stakes before the lock remain effective.

    • A24 is entitled to lock the account for as much time as needed until all the necessary verification is performed to the satisfaction of A24. You have the obligation to cooperate actively with these measures.

    • Self-locking an account is also possible at any time by accessing the corresponding feature on the website the account area.

    • In the case of an account lock, only A24’s employees are able to unlock the account.

    • Closing an account is always preceded by an account lock.

    • Closing an account is only possible if all payments of the customer have been performed with consideration of the usual payment method deadlines, all pay-outs to the customer have been performed and all bets / games connected to the account have been settled.

    • For legal reasons, all customer data will remain stored at A24 for a period determined by A24 or the legislators. This corresponds to regulatory systems of money laundering prevention and legal regulations.

    • Reversing an account closure is possible at request per e-mail to [email protected] but only at A24’s discretion;the reversal is not a right.

    • If your account is not used for more than 12 months, A24 has the right to close the account. You will be informed via the last given e-mail address.

    • You then have 30 days to log on again to reactivate your account. If the reactivation is not performed, the account is permanently closed and any credit balance will expire in favour of A24.

    • Reversing an account closure is possible at request per e-mail to [email protected] but only at A24’s discretion;the reversal is not a right.

    • If your account is not used for more than 12 months, A24 has the right to close the account. You will be informed via the last given e-mail address.

    • You then have 30 days to log on again to reactivate your account. If the reactivation is not performed, the account is permanently closed and any credit balance will expire in favour of A24.

  • Selflimits

    • Player protection is an important concern to us.

    • With the option for self-limitation you can limit the amount you deposit on your account or place on bets in a way that the given amount cannot be exceeded within a day, a week or 30 days.

    • You can further reduce the given amount at any time. But an increase will only be possible again after a certain period of time has passed since the last reduction. Our customer service is glad to give you more detailed information, but is not able to cancel the limits set by yourself.

  • Complaints and place of jurisdiction

    • The laws of Curaçao and the competent court of jurisdiction in Curaçao should be deemed as valid.

    • A24 is fundamentally interested to take customer’s complaints very seriously and to solve them together with the customer and out of court.

    • If there you have any complaints or questions concerning the services, the T&C or the Betting Terms, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the contact form on the website.

    • Alternatively, you can also use the [email protected] e-mail address.

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